Costa Rica Jaguar Corridor Conservation Properties
Finca Encantada ~ Paradise on the Reventazon River ~ Beautiful Retreat Property for Sale in Turrialba

105 Acres / 42.5 Hectares

This breathtaking property sits at the heart the Barbilla-Destierro Biological Corridor, one of Costa Rica's most important wildlife conservation areas. The property features lush grassy slopes below a majestic peak thickly covered with misty cloudforest. 39 acres of pristine jungle flank a crystalline stream called the Quebrada Linda (Beautiful Ravine), which features several large waterfalls and swimming holes.

Another 66 acres of cleared pasture provide panoramic views of the richly forested valley. The surrounding jungle encompasses numerous gigantic old-growth trees including a magnificent ancient Ceiba tree that towers over the property, providing a regal perch for a multitude of exotic birds. Finca Encantada is a nature lovers paradise.

Mystical Mountain Above Reventason Conservation Ranch
Presiding above this verdant paradise is a mystical peak of exceptional beauty – the aptly named Cerro Encanto, "Enchanted Mountain"

Cerro Encanto is so steep that it's primary cloudforest ecosystem remains intact.

Land Use Potential

This uniquely beautiful landscape is an exceptionally desirable location for a low-impact eco-retreat for wildlife enthusiasts. The vibrant forest and breathtaking views of the "Enchanted Mountain" looming above give a powerful sense of awe that is ideally suited for a meditation retreat, a bird-watching haven or a private reserve. The rolling topography is a natural wonderland that offers many picturesque sites that are perfect for jungle cabinas, wildlife viewing platforms or a low-impact dream home with absolute privacy and astonishing views.

A sustainable mixed fruit plantation could serve conservation aims by creating forest cover and attracting wildlife, while also providing a viable income to support appropriate stewardship. A few small structures and a permaculture orchard would create far less impact on the ecosystem than the current expansion of cattle pasture that is threatening the jungle with slash and burn clearing and herbicides. With a few carefully-crafted buildings harmoniously embedded in the landscape this magical property could be enjoyed while simultaneously preserving and protecting the integrity of the ecosystem.

Finca Encantada ~ Magical Property with Private Strems, Waterfalls and Reventazon River Frontage ~ For Sale in Turrialba

The forest hums with the sound of a multitude of colorful birds, frogs and insects along the pristine swimming holes and waterfalls of the Quebrada Linda.

A Biodiversity Haven Under Threat

In 2016 the Reventazon Hydroelectric Project created an 8 kilometer-long reservoir. This new lake critically impedes the migration of jaguars through the Barbilla-Destierro Biological Corridor, which links healthy populations of jaguars in the Central Volcanic Cordillera with other populations in the Cordillera de Talamanca.

Multiple scientific studies have revealed this to be one of Costa Rica's most important wildlife corridors, playing a vital role in the free migration of jaguars and numerous other endangered species. The strategic position of Finca Encantada at the “tail” of the reservoir makes it one of the key properties in the biological corridor, as animals must now pass through it in order to get around the reservoir. Camera traps have revealed the Quebrada Linda ravine to be a vital pathway for multiple mammal species.

Conservation Action

It is vital to the integrity of the corridor that excessive and unsustainable development around the lake is restricted or prevented. Many local landowners hunt wildlife indiscriminately, including overhunting the natural prey of native wildcats. The use of herbicides without concern for the effects on the biodiversity of the environment is widespread.

The preservation of the remaining forest here and the restoration of degraded lands is a conservation priority that will significantly strengthen the corridor, offering a protected haven in which biodiversity can flourish and migrating animals can safely cross into the neighboring wilderness reserves.

Strawberry Dart Frog
Strawberry poison dart frogs are abundant on the property, as well as a plethora of exotic butterflies and iconic bird species such as toucans, trogons and hummingbirds.

By planting an array of fast-growing, fruit-bearing native trees strategic reforestation projects are an excellent way to create viable habitat and attract wildlife back to the area. The Jaguar Project offers free advice and assistance to help secure financial support with reforestation through the government's FONAFIFO program. Our team of volunteers and local biological experts in the field of tropical plants and sustainable agriculture can aid in the implementation and management of a reforestation project or sustainable permaculture plantation.

Jungle Bromeliads

Location, Access and Amenities

Located halfway between San Jose and the Caribbean Coast, the Reventazon Valley stretches between the market towns of Turrialba and Siquirres. It’s a two hour drive from Costa Rica's main international airport in San Jose, and just over an hour from the nearest regional airport at Guapiles.

The market town of Siquirres is 30 minutes away, and it is 45 minutes to Turrialba. A few small country stores are located in the nearest village just 5 minutes away. The access road to this property was paved for the first time in 2014. The new road means that this previously remote region is now more easily accessible, elevating the urgency of conservation before less-considerate developers move in.

The Reventazon Valley is exceptionally well suited to wildlife watching and conservation activities. Surrounding the valley are world-famous national parks and reserves including Barbilla National Park, Guayabo National Park, Turrialba Volcano National Park, Tapanti National Park, Rio Macho Forest Reserve, and the Pacuare Forest Reserve. Just east of Siquirres are the boundless natural wonders of the Caribbean Coast, including the gem of tropical biodiversity Tortuguero National Park.

Archeological Importance of the Site

In addition to it's exquisite natural beauty, the property also encompasses the site of an ancient indigenous community. Archeological studies have uncovered the remains of a settlement on one small portion of the land. The site's importance is such that it is protected under Costa Rican law. Costa Rica's foremost archeological site, the Guayabo National Monument, is only 20 minutes drive away. The artifacts below are among those that were recovered in the excavations here. Sites of archeological importance are uncommon in Costa Rica. This is a rare opportunity to own such a site, while at the same time preserving a piece of paradise and helping to save and protect a threatened wildlife corridor.

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Images courtesy of Barry Hovland of 10 Degrees Above


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