Costa Rica Jaguar Corridor Conservation Properties

Magnificent hilltop retreat
67 Acres / 27 Hectares
$495, 000

This unique property has it all. It has 2 well-finished houses, a hectare of mature cacao plantation, and the most breathtaking views in the entire Reventazon Valley. All of these elements combine to make this one of the most desirable properties in the region.

The houses are located on the lower levels of the property with easy access from the road, and one of them has views of the Reventazon Reservoir. The cacao plantation is a small distance up the hill and has several hundred trees that are mature and ready to be harvested. A good pathway which was once used as a road leads up to the highest level of the property, where there are multiple flat platforms on which to build. The views from all of these platforms have to be seen to be believed.


Reventazon Heights Farm lies at the heart of the Barbilla-Destierro Biological Corridor, which has been identified as one of the most important jaguar migration corridors across the animal's 19-country range. The damming of the Reventazon River in 2016 effectively blocked the migration of large mammals across the corridor with the creation of the 8-kilometre long Reventazon Reservoir. The Lancaster Wetlands at the southern end of the reservoir has now become the most viable migration route across the Barbilla-Destierro Corridor for jaguars and other endangered species.

This property borders the Lancaster Wetlands at its southern limit, making it a very high priority for conservation. Jaguars and other large mammals that cross the Reventazon Valley and make their way eastwards through the Lancaster Wetlands will almost certainly have to pass though this property in order to reach the safety of the Pacuare Forest Reserve, where a healthy jaguar population has been recorded.

More than 10 acres of this property are currently deforested cattle-land that require reforestation with a wide variety of endemic tree species that are beneficial to wildlife, in order to boost biodiversity and restore the integrity of the biological corridor. The Jaguar Project can provide the knowledge and experience necessary to help the new owners of this property to execute a world-class reforestation program here.

Due to its environmentally important location at a key strategic position within a threatened biological corridor, this property will qualify for the Costa Rican Government's financial subsidies to protect its existing forest under their FONAFIFO program. The Jaguar Project can assist with the complex bureaucratic process necessary in order to inscribe the property into this program

Eco-Tourism Potential

This property is ideally suited to Eco-tourism. The jaw-dropping views of Turrialba volcano and the Reventazon River Valley that the upper levels of the property offer are quite simply the best in the entire region, making this the quintessentially perfect location for a small, sustainable Eco-tourism enterprise. It is ideally suited to classic Eco-tourism activities such as mountain hiking, bird-watching, kayaking and horse-back riding.

The property's location at the heart of the Reventazon Valley means that it has easy access to an amazing variety of quality Eco-tourism adventures. The neighbouring Lancaster Wetlands has excellent kayaking opportunities on its 2 lakes, and the Reventazon Reservoir that it overlooks offers fishing, kayaking and boat tours. The world class white-water rafting of the Pacuare River is only 25 minutes drive away, and it is less than an hours journey to the Barbilla National Park and the Pacuare Forest Reserve. Travel just over an hour from here and you will reach Las Brisas Nature Reserve, Maquenque Falls, Guayabo National Monument and Turrialba Volcano National Park.

Access and Amenities

The property has its own excellent water supply and is connected to the national electricity grid. Access is extremely easy on a smooth paved road that leads straight to the door. The nearest local store and an excellent little bar are less than 10 minutes drive from the front gate, and it's only 20 minutes drive to the closest big supermarket at Tres Equis. In less than an hours drive you can choose between 2 different market towns that provide all of the necessary amenities - Turrialba or Siquirres. The capital San Jose and it's international airport are 2 and a half hours away, and all the wonders of the Caribbean coast can be reached in less than 2 hours.

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