Costa Rica Jaguar Corridor Conservation Properties

Stunning views from this mountaintop farm
28 acres / 11 hectares

Perched high above the Reventazon Valley this property has exceptional views of Turrialba Volcano and its occasional ash clouds, which invariably drift away eastwards towards the capital. It currently has a rustic but spacious Tico-style house on it. The house has a corral and it’s surrounded by a fine selection of fruiting trees including cacao, lemon, mandarin, guayaba, orange, nance, coconuts and bananas.

The majority of the property has been deforested for use as cattle grazing. It is mainly made up of wide open fields with great vistas of the valley interspersed with occasional hardwood trees, which act as the nesting places for colorful bird species such as keel-billed toucans and Montezuma’s oropendula.


Due to its strategic position at the heart of the Barbilla-Destierro Biological Corridor this property is an important passageway for wildlife. We recommend that half of the open grazing land should be reforested with an appropriate mix of native trees beneficial to wildlife in order to restore the natural habitat and strengthen the integrity of the biological corridor. The Jaguar Project can advise and assist you with the financing and implementation of such a reforestation project.

The unique selling point of this property is that it originally measured a total of 114 acres (46 hectares). Due to the importance of the biological corridor that it is located within, the Government has declared the lower 62 acres (25 hectares) of the original property to be a protected forest reserve that can never be resold, deforested or developed. These 62 acres are a thick jungle that’s teaming with wildlife. Many of the trees are old growth and the slopes lead down to the extremely beautiful and remote Lajas River which has multiple gorgeous swimming holes and waterfalls where nobody ever treads

The new owner of this 28 acre piece of land will also effectively become the steward and protector of the wonderful 62 acres of forest reserve that are attached to it. This precious piece of forest can be your own private paradise at the foot of this property.


The property is connected to the electricity grid and good water is provided to the house by one of its 2 natural springs. It is located a 1 km drive down a good quality unmade road that runs off the highway 10 that connects Turrialba and Siquirres. There is virtually no passing traffic at all, making this an exceptionally peaceful haven surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.

The nearest restaurants, bars and local store are located just 5 minutes drive away in the tiny village of Guayacan. The bustling market town of Siquirres with all the necessary amenities is 20 minutes away.


Halfway between San Jose and the Caribbean Coast, Siquirres is 2 hours drive from Costa Rica's main international airport and just an hour away from the nearest regional airport at Guapiles. This part of Costa Rica is exceptionally well suited to environmental and conservation activities. The Reventazon Valley is surrounded by national parks and reserves including Barbilla National Park, Guayabo National Monument, Turrialba Volcano National Park, Tapanti National Park, Rio Macho Forest Reserve and the Pacuare Forest Reserve.

The world famous Pacuare River with the best white-water rafting in Central America is just 25 minutes away. Beyond Siquirres are the boundless natural wonders of the Caribbean Coast, including the legendary biodiversity hotspot Tortuguero National Park.




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