Costa Rica Jaguar Corridor Conservation Properties

Breathtaking Views
470 Acres / 190 Hectares
$1.4 million

This expansive property in Los Mogos literally has it all. Pristine primary rainforest, 2 waterfalls, Gulfo Dulce frontage and phenomenal views all combine here to make this one of the most impressive and desirable properties in the entire Osa peninsula.

The entrance road to the Osa has a stunning look-out point called “El Mirador” on its left-hand side. The picture-perfect panorama of the Osa peninsula that visitors see from that famous look-out is exactly what this property offers. Almost everything that is visible from that point lies within the boundaries of this expansive property. 

The principal structure on the property is the well-appointed main house which has multiple bedrooms and can sleep up to 10 people. The house has an exceptional view out over the Gulfo Dulce including the iconic Los Mogos islands. The islands were celebrated by Jacques Cousteau who considered them to be one of the best diving sites in Costa Rica.

Electricity is provided to the house by the national grid. Water is currently fed to the house by a spring, but a new aqueduct is now in place and will soon provide unlimited fresh water to the property.

The property has 300 meters of Gulf frontage that is made up of mangroves. The small river that flows to the sea through these mangroves provides a convenient private access route out to the Gulfo Dulce. A small boat can be housed on this river for easy exploration of the many wonders of the surrounding Gulfo Dulce coastline.

Conservation Potential

National Geographic has described the Osa as “one of the most biologically intense places on Earth.” It hosts more than 50% of Costa Rica’s plant and animal species, living on only 3% of its land area. 2.5% of Earth’s lifeforms are found here, on less than a thousandth of a percent of our planet’s surface area.

This property occupies an extremely important position in the Osa ecosystem. It is a key component of the Osa Biological Corridor that connects Corcovado National Park with Piedras Blancas National Park. This corridor is absolutely vital to multiple endangered umbrella species of mammal such as the jaguar, the puma and the tapir. This is an area of special focus for our conservation work, because its provides a vital genetic bridge for the large mammal species of the Osa to migrate beyond the peninsula and spread their genes. 

Approximately 40 hectares of the property have been cleared for cattle ranching, providing the perfect opportunity for an extremely beneficial reforestation program in order to create new habitat for the abundant wildlife and to help strengthen the biological corridor. Working in conjunction with local environmental leaders Osa Conservation, The Jaguar Project can help you to reforest here by providing you with all the trees and the expertise that you will need.

Los Mogos offers the perfect location to undertake environmental research and investigation of almost any kind. Whether you wish to study macaws and monkeys, or sharks and whales, this huge coastal property where the vibrant marine and forest ecosystems collide offers the potential to work with a breathtaking variety of species. The northern and southern populations of humpbacked whales both come here annually to breed and have been seen giving birth from the terrace of the house. Whale sharks, dolphins and 2 species of hammerheads also call this place home.

Eco-Tourism Potential

The potential to create sustainable tourism adventures is enormous here. The combination of endless acres of primary rainforest, along with waterfalls and rivers that offer access to the Gulfo Dulce is the ideal platform for low-impact activities in harmony with nature such as jungle trekking, horseback riding, kayaking along the coastline and boat trips to explore Los Mogos islands. 
The surrounding coastline here offers multiple secluded beaches and remote ecosystems that can easily be explored by kayak. Just a couple of kilometres east of here is the Rio Esquinas estuary which marks the border of Piedras Blancas National Park and makes an outstanding destination for viewing wildlife of all kinds from a boat.

Access and Location

Unlike most destinations in the Osa, Los Mogos is located at the very entrance of the Osa peninsula, so it is easily accessed by an excellent paved road in just 30 minutes from the Pan-American highway. There is nowhere else in the entire peninsula that has such quick and convenient access. The 3 local towns that serve this region and where all of the necessary amenities can be found - Palmar Norte, Rio Claro and Puerto Jimenez - are all less than an hour’s drive away from this property. The journey down here from San Jose by road takes about 5 hours, but there are multiple daily internal flights too. Those flights serve 3 different regional airports – Palmar Sur, Golfito and Puerto Jimenez - that are all located less than an hour's drive from Los Mogos.









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