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170 acres / 79 hectares

Finca Mirador Pacuare is located within the Barbilla-Destierro Biological Corridor, which has been highlighted as one of the most critical jaguar corridors across the animal's entire range. The annual presence of jaguar footprints on the property confirms its importance as a route that jaguars use to migrate across the Barbilla-Destierro corridor. 

It is an environmental imperative that properties such as this that occupy strategic positions in biological corridors are passed on into safe and responsible stewardship to strengthen and preserve the integrity of these vital corridors.

The Finca consists of 49 hectares of deforested cattle pasture and 20 hectares of rainforest. The property is surrounded for as far as the eye can see by tropical rainforest, much of it primary. The cleared cattle pastures represent a gaping hole in the otherwise healthily forested slopes of the Pacuare River Valley. 

The Jaguar Project aims to fill this gap in the priceless Pacuare ecosystem by reforesting much of the cattle land with a carefully selected mix of endemic tree species that are beneficial to wildlife and native to the region, creating a new and safe habitat for felines and other endangered species to pass through. We offer our experience and expertise to the new owners of this property to work together to preserve this critical component of the corridor and restore it to its former glory.

Because the farm is located in an important biological corridor, the 20 hectares of existing forest qualify for government protection under the FONAFIFO Payments for Environmental Services system. The Jaguar Project can assist you with the bureaocratic process of this application, for which an annual payment will be received.


The potential for Eco-Tourism here is enormous. The presence of a stunning variety of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians makes this an ideal Eco-destination, offering 100% sustainable tourist activities such as birdwatching, horseback riding, and jungle trekking. 

The property currently contains 3 simple houses at its uppermost level, which boast spectacular views across the valley. Nestled within the expansive rolling landscape of 49 hectares of pasture-land, there are numerous vantage points with amazing views where cabins could be situated. A number of low-footprint Eco-cabins, each one with complete privacy and 360-degree jungle views, could be carefully created here without compromising the essential migratory nature of the land. 

The property overlooks the Pacuare River, which attracts thousands of visitors each year seeking to enjoy the best white-water rafting in Central America. It is located on the road to the Barbilla National Park, an immense stretch of pristine primary rainforest that is the least visited National Park in Costa Rica. It is also a close neighbour to the Cabecar indigenous reserve, and the majority of the local neighbours here are of indigenous origin. 

The combination of a rarely visited National Park, the fascinating indigenous reserve, and the white-water rafting all located nearby combine to lend this property an unusually strong potential for Eco-tourism, offering multiple low-footprint activities that could be explored.


Finca Mirador Pacuare is easily accessed along a good quality road and is just 15 minutes off the main highway 32, which links the capital to the Caribbean. It is two and a half hours drive from San Jose and just over an hour's journey from the Caribbean coast. 

The nearest market town of Siquirres is less than half an hour away and provides all of the necessary amenities. The property has electricity supplied by the national grid and an excellent water supply due to multiple natural springs.


The Pacuare/Barbilla region is located on the Caribbean slopes of the Central Volcanic Cordillera. The nearest town Siquirres is 2 hours drive from Costa Rica's main international airport and an hour away from the nearest regional airport at Guapiles. 

This part of Costa Rica is exceptionally well suited to environmental and conservation activities. Beyond the nearby  Barbilla National Park, several other parks and reserves are located in the area, including the Guayabo National Monument, Turrialba Volcano National Park, Tapanti National Park, and Rio Macho Forest Reserve, and the Pacuare Forest Reserve. The boundless natural wonders of the Caribbean Coast, including the world-famous Tortuguero National Park, are just over an hour away.




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